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About Us

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DeNovo History

DeNovo was founded by Dawn Fleck in 2003 with Karen Mannion and Matthew Sheffer.  Previous to starting DeNovo, we worked for years at what was arguably the leading pharmaceutical marketing research company in the industry at the time.  The decision to start our own company was the direct result of our passion for prioritizing client-needs and research excellence over internal or parent company mandates.


  • focuses on our customers.
  • cares about creating customer value
  • concentrates on providing research solutions to answer our customers’ questions.

Since its inception, DeNovo has grown in both sales and staff, and remains committed to providing strategic research solutions so our customers can make better, informed decisions to create and maintain successful brands.

The DeNovo Mission

Our mission is to be our clients’ first choice when they look for a research partner to help them support their business issues.  Early on in DeNovo’s history, we developed a list of values to achieve this mission:

  • Commitment to Quality:  Do what’s right, not what’s easy.  Research validity and reliability cannot be compromised given the impact on decision-making.
  • Commitment to Innovation:  Keep an open mind - don’t be afraid to try something different.  There is no “perfect way” to do research, so there may be better ways to measure phenomena. 
  • Commitment to the Goal:  Statistics guide thinking, critical thinking drives conclusions. Find the right methodology to answer the research question, leading to results that drive confident decision-making.
  • Commitment to Clarity:  Simple is better. Recommendations have to be clear, concise, and actionable.
  • Commitment to the Customer:  Our clients are our research partners; their success is our success.

At DeNovo, we love doing what we do - research that matters.  DeNovo was founded by a team with a unique commitment and passion for research that is not always found elsewhere.   DeNovo is also a woman-owned business and empowers its employees to alter the direction of its research projects, as well as the direction of the company itself.  We are a group of experienced professionals that achieves the highest levels of quality to ensure our success and to generate better insights for our clients.

The DeNovo Difference

We are a small, innovative team of professionals who are dedicated to providing actionable results with clear direction for our research partners.

  • We provide continuity on a project from beginning to end - the people you meet at the proposal meeting are the people who conduct your research and provide strategic recommendations for that research.  We work directly with you to help make decisions and execute these decisions throughout the process.  Our size allows us to give our clients and their research projects the attention they deserve. 
  • We have well-established relationships with best-in-class global vendors and partners that allow us to conduct quality research across a wide range of international markets.  Approximately 50% of our annual research projects are conducted globally, which continues to grow as clients increase their global focus.
  • We are honest with our clients regarding our project capacity. We select projects where we can fully partner with our clients to provide senior-level insights that drive business decisions and challenge thinking to ensure success.
  • We have chosen to prioritize our capabilities to take advantage of our core competencies. This allows us to concentrate on the areas detailed in our Services section. We are flexible and always open to discussing methodologies not described in our Services section to determine together how DeNovo can meet a client’s needs.
  • Our clients see us as partners not vendors. Because of the value we consistently provide, we develop long-term relationships that lead to a high rate of repeat business. We believe this is the strongest indicator of our commitment to research excellence.

DeNovo’s Commitment to Excellence

We have spent years developing best-in-class research practices culled from the social and marketing science fields to provide actionable solutions at every stage of the product lifecycle.  DeNovo believes the only way to deliver successful research results are with quality design, quality deliverables, and quality direction.

  • Internal Standards:  We hold ourselves to rigorous internal standards of excellence for everything from initial study design, data collection and analysis through reporting and presentation.  We vigorously train our operational staff to comply with internal procedures designed to efficiently and effectively handle marketing research tasks.  Our internal processes are designed to comply with the ISO 20252 Market, Opinion, and Social Research standard.  We also strongly support ethical research practices as specified by the EPHMRA MR Code of Conduct and the CASRO Code of Standards.
  • Industry Participation:  We participate in, and are members of, various industry organizations and online communities relevant to pharmaceutical marketing research.  We also regularly participate in conferences and provide staff training in order to uphold our methodological and industry-based knowledge excellence.
    • We are corporate members of the following organizations:
      Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EPHMRA), Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Research Group (PBIRG)
    • We hold individual memberships in the following organizations:
      American Marketing Association (AMA), European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), Marketing Research Association (MRA), Market Research Society (MRS), Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG)
  • Recognition:  Our research is consistently recognized within our clients’ organizations and is often nominated for internal research awards.  Our high rates of repeat business and proposal acceptance lend proof of client satisfaction, which we believe is the most valuable result of our commitment to research excellence.